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bozeman renovation

A family in Bozeman, Montana contacted JBD as the excited new owners of a home with a highly functional layout and spectacular views. However, the finishes were very thematic, referencing the mountain environment with details such as log cabin walls and knotty pine cabinetry. The client wanted a more sophisticated interpretation of what it means to live in a wild place. Ultimately, every space and surface was updated with elegant, refined materials, fixtures, and furnishings. Light fixtures throughout the main floor create drama and emphasize the high ceilings. The design also had to flex to accommodate this family with pre-teens. We were tasked with designing inviting areas for them to lounge with their friends. The most utilitarian part of the remodel was the addition of a mudroom to connect the garage to the main house. It features ample custom cabinetry to store winter coats and boots, and places to sit and change footwear. The cold winters have made this the most appreciated intervention. Last, the studio apartment above the garage was entirely remodeled and refurnished to serve as a private space for grandparents when they visit.

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